Technical Papers

Technical Papers is a collection of technical writings that I openly publish online. They are a result of my programing interests and teaching. TPs may be useful for students and educators in various computing fields.

© 2015 by Brian R. Hall. All rights reserved. Sections of text and code may be quoted or used without explicit permission provided that full credit, including copyright notice, is given to the source.

Technical Paper No. 2 - cdecl versus stdcall on x86 architecture: But really a discussion of how function calls use registers and stack
     cdecl and stdcall are calling conventions that define the process of a procedure call.
     cdecl is based on the C language, while stdcall is used by the Windows API.
     This Technical Paper explains and illustrates the difference, but really details how functions use
     registers and stack.

Technical Paper No. 1 - An Introduction to Using SOAP and REST Services for Data Retrieval
     This technical paper illustrates the use of SOAP and REST services for Web-based data retrieval.
     PHP is used to initiate calls to NOAA and Amazon data repositories.
     An overview of SOAP and REST literature is also provided.
     TP1 Code Examples (zip)