As a member of the Division of Information Technology & Sciences, I am the Program Director for the Computer Science and Innovation (CSI) and Computer Information Technology (CIT) undergraduate programs. I teach Computer Science courses.
This is a list of courses that I am currently* (Spring 2017) teaching and courses that I have taught.

Current Computer Science Courses Current Other Courses
*CSI 370 Computer Architecture CCC 412 College Capstone (CSI)
*CSI 330 Software Development Methodologies   
 CSI 320 Global IT and Ethics
 CSI 240 Advanced Programming (C++)
 CSI 140 Introduction to Programming (C++)

Past Undergraduate Courses Past Graduate Courses
 CIT 265 Information Systems  MIT 540 Managing Innovation
 CIT 210 Hardware & Architecture  MIT 505 Project Management
 CIT 140 Systems Software  MIT 500 Foundations of IT Management
 CIT 135 Computer Theory (w/ Python)
 CIT 130 Introduction to Networking & Security
 WEB 125 Web Development
 NET 120 Computers & Telecommunications


 HIST 336 1960s: Counterculture and Protest (Fall 2004)
   Teaching Assistant, Richard Schneirov advising


LaTeX Syllabus Template - This might be useful to other professors seeking a useful LaTeX syllabus template. Feel free to download and modify. Zip file contains (syllabus_template.tex, syllabus_template.pdf, logo_blank.png, pic_blank.png).