This is a breakdown of some of my viewpoints on particular topics in academia and technology.


Research:  The more I learn, the more I do not know.

Teaching:  One of life's greatest challenges and rewards.

Exams:  A necessary evil.

Rankings:  Biased perceptions.

Peer review:  Helpful chaos.

Teacher and Student:  The two most important components of a successful educational career.


Computers:  Macs are better than any machine running Windows, including a Mac.  End of story.

Programming Languages:  I prefer writing most things in C++.  The most underrated language is COBOL.

Techie Hours:  Often, people of the technical persuasion do not operate as effectively in the normal 9 - 5 workday as the rest of humanity.  Those who try to fight against it and limit the abilities and nocturnal behavior of such people should wake up and smell the coffee cake.  It is not going to change. My advice to managers, supervisors, etc: welcome it.  You'll be surprised just how many good things can happen when willingness and creativity are given space and time.